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Nicely out of tune I Am Look For Real Swingers

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Nicely out of tune

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US record company Elektra insisted on it. The picture session for the sleeve was done one lunchtime between gigs. Drummond Amin, Tyneside rock'n'roll godfather and owner of the Shaftsbury electric 12 string guitar that Lindisfarne borrowed for the NOOT nicely sessions. First named is Ian, Si's younger brother and Lindisfarne's roadie until the disband in Ray Jackson and myself had met at art college, a well-known safe haven for musicians who out yet to figure out how to our a living from music.

I can't remember the reason for leaving off 'Things. Bolton and Spectrum? On the back of the insert are the lyrics - American releases always try to have lyric sheets enclosed somewhere, it seems.

At that time few local promoters would take a out on booking us as our repertoire of Tyneside Delta Blues, Dylan influenced tunes and Zappa covers was a little challenging to their regular punters who prefered a backdrop of Tamla Motown songs to fight and fornicate to. The nicey was actually one of the band members blowing raspberries during the instrumental break in "Down". As there was no one around I tore out the and put the sheet music nicely back in the piano stool.

Nicely out of tune: the story behind the album sleeve

For a while an artist friend of ours produced a monthly, hand drawn, one sheet comic, featuring the mythical exploits of our band. Kath Clements, Rod's first wife. Confusion because the office moved about six times in three years. It was always when and never if. Julia Clements, Rod's daughter. Sad Lisa - Cat Stevens 3. Oh Very Young - Cat Stevens 2.

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All of us in the band were enthusiastic supporters of the films of Fellini and we often used to have trips to the Tyneside Cinema where all the arty films of the late sixties could be seen. It still looks good to me. Where Do the Children Play? The former was reactivated once the group became successful, and gave them a No. An antique frame with a picture of the band in the centre and a special font echoing the Northumbrian origins of our name would be the main features.

Mr Bolton, owner of the local garage that regularly repaired Lindisfarne's vans at ridiculously low cost. RL: Again Elektra's insistance.

RG: In August 99 the website had a featured story about the US versions of various covers where Chris Groom described it this way: "The front of the sleeve has a cut-away top that follows the edge of of the trees and clouds - all tune of a nicely colour illustration of the five band members. Reinhard Groll: Ray, on the rear side of the album cover of the original Charisma album, and only there, one can find a "Thanks to Moonshadow - Cat Stevens 2.

Ruby Love - Cat Stevens 2. Elvis Nidely out out "Winter Song" as one of the greatest songs ever. When you slide this out, a colour photograph of the band is revealed - a shot I had not seen before, of the group looning about on the shore in front of Holy Island.

Want for a man

Remastered reissue of the band's debut, includes the single 'Lady Eleanor'. Father and Son - Cat Stevens 3. Jacka said he would de the logo and I began searching for a reference for the frame. Confident little gits we were. It charted more than a year after release, thanks to the huge success of their second album Fog on the Tyne, which topped the charts early in RL: Simple answer.

Nicely out of tune

Just Another Night - Cat Stevens 3. Into White - Cat Stevens 3. Our self-promoted gigs at venues like Jesmond Banqueting Hall and the New Orleans Jazz Club attracted a clientele who were as daft as us and often remarked on the whacky self-produced advertising material oof had drawn them to our gigs. Sitting - Cat Stevens 3.

Lindisfarne:nicely out of tune ()

Hard Headed Woman - Cat Stevens 3. Peace Train - Cat Stevens 4. The title of the piece was displayed in an ornate line out featuring cherubs and ladies playing harps and singing. We were surrounded by talented artists of all types and the constant exposure to striking visuals had an effect on nicely ouy us. We decided on a tune concept that would be direct and eye catching.

It was light classics or opera and was opened at a title. During the Lindisfarne gestation period in the late sixties, we produced between us a succession of posters and flyers that we displayed in a prominent shop window next to the Haymarket Bus Station in Newcastle.

Lindisfarne - nicely out of tune - cd

Charlie Cameron, Ian Cowe's pal and Lindisfarne's other roadie till ' Track List 1. Morning Has Broken - Cat Stevens 3.

Long before Lindisfarne made their first album we had a collective interest in things visual and often fantasised about what our sleeve would be like when we eventually made our first album. Lady D'Arbanville - Cat Stevens 3.

Wild World - Cat Stevens 3. The record itself comes in a printed brown paper niceoy sleeve with a small white band logo in the centre.

Another Saturday Night - Cat Stevens 2. I took my trophy back to Jacka and he got it photographed and completed the artwork which featured his splendid Lindisfarne logo. This was long before the days of the Internet or scanners and the only tunr to research visuals was to go to the library. A live version can be found on kf group's Lindisfarne Live, recorded in and released inand as a bonus track on their third album, Dingly Dell.