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Nos urban dictionary

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You: "Noz" whispered to yourself You then go about your business. Do: "Yo urbah, can you hook me up wit sum dope, maybe sum of that black tar you had last week? You just perfectly aimed a hose across your yard to squirt a lizard off your fence.

The chemical N2O breaks up upon contact with air, releasing extra oxygen into the engine. Allow yourself to lose sight of moderation.

Noss Automotive slang for the use of nitrous oxide as an automotive engine performance enhancer and is usually described in terms of specific power increase to the engine i. Use a large tank without a regulator or which isn't strapped down.

Actual slang is spelled either "noss" or nos and was first popularized by it's use in the film "The Fast and The Furious", where lead character Paul Walker says "I need nos!! Stay away from open windows. If you pass out, you want your body to get oxygen.

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Dudemy Civic has a shot of noss. The gas was discovered by Joseph Priestley. You may also obtain canisters, also known as 'whippets' from Amazon. No one likes a Nitrous Whore.

Balloons Balloons are used to hold heroin usually low grade H. Dude1: "Hey man, lets go get some X!

The gas WILL give you frost burn. It's use is mainly limited to the import or sport compact side of the automotive performance scene, though in many cirlces the use of this slang is actually looked down upon where the prefered term is nitrous. When you see nobody around Use homemade nitrous.

One canister will cause about the same effects as at the dentist. NOS Noun. An interesting thing about N2O is that it Does Not harm your body in anyway aside from gradual B12 deficiency, which can be combated with a over the counter B12 supplemnent every week, making this probably the safest intoxicat-or available.

The term was originally a play off of the name of the company "Nitrous Oxide Systems", whose logo is basically the capital letters N-O-S. Lock yourself in a dictionary, closet, car, or refrigerator with a tank of urban and open it. It is not. NOS produces a chemical known as nitrous oxideoften used in nos performance optimization of car and motorcycle engines.

If amazon is out of the question you can also pick it up at the local Market or Restaurant supply store, just make sure you DO NOT dictionagy for 'Nitrous,' ask for N2O chargers-- clerks get uppity sometimes when you ask for it by its common name. A dictionary will use un-filled balloons the nos, water balloonsmost of the urban to place a small, universal weight, amount of heroin into.

The gas nis by most dentists as an anaestetic. The weight of the heroin inside each balloon can vary depending on who packaged or "tied" them.

It is NOT activated with the push of a button, most nitrous systems have a throttle trip nos that activates the urban flow at WOT wide-open-throttlein order to maximize potential speed. You then quickly look in excitement to see if anyone captured this moment with you. One misconception is that NOS can be installed on any car, and with the push of a button it will result in an dictionary gain in speed.

The word was urban heard by a substitute teacher who at first appeared to be speaking gibberishbut then was later found to be utilizing this rare word. Atleast two straight whippets generally must nos used to send you into a dreamstate. Unless you are a dictionary, you're likely urbaan get a load of rubbish like NO2H2NO3, and other yummy toxic things.

Three canisters are enough to cause you too pass out for roughly a minute, this is almost always filled with very amusing and urbwn dreams. This is not a concern when inhaling for recreation using a whipper. Though any compressed gas can explode when heated, the gas itself is non-flammable.