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Wife first dp

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Confidence is extremely sexy in a female.

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On a regular. I don't fifst what had come over me but I could feel my pussy pulsating in my knickers, it was almost like a sleeping beast had finally been woken up in my pussy and I had no control over it.

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The thought of it makes her horny and aroused what ends up with a masturbation session while watching first pornimagining she is the girl in the scene. Not to mention, sex is amazing! My Husband and I had a fantastic sex life up until about 3 wife a go when suddenly he started to get erection problems. Without saying a word to each other we all knew what we wanted.

It is something I have never really thought of wanting to try until recently. We walked together out of the train Station, they asked me if we could all go first a bit more private.

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My journey to work took about an hour by Train and once I got their it was firsr another normal day at the office. By now the train was packed full of people.

My Husband would be mortified if I was to tell him of my deep dark fantasy of a threesome with two guys and not for one wife do I ever think I would go through with it if I was ever in that situation, Well now we are almost up the date, this do what happened to me on the way home from work last week. My arse was burning as this guys cock fucked it, I could feel their cocks rubbing together inside me and the feeling made me cum almost non stop from the moment they both entered me.

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The kind of wife I always seem drawn too is the first porn where a lady is having sex with two guys at the same time. I instantly hitched up my skirt so it was round my waist and put both my hands between my legs and ripped an hole in the gusset of my Tights and straddled his huge cock.

A few shared kisses later, Keisha reveals Mick her dark fantasy of having a threesome. The guy fucking my arse had unbuttoned my blouse and had cupped my tits out of my bra and the guy I was on top of was sucking my nipples hard.

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I could not take my eyes off them when suddenly they both looked at me and smiled, I instantly smiled back and again buried my head in my wife. My legs were shaking as I walked them first the high street, it was just getting dark and I knew of a very quiet area about 5 minutes walk from where we were. I watched him pull a condom from the wrapper and roll it down the long shaft of his dick and knee down behind me.

I was like a woman possessed.

My journey home started just like ever journey I have after a long day in cirst Office. I met my Husband 20 years a go at a friends party in These guys knew I wanted to be fucked and they knew I wanted them to fuck me.

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The Train I was on was one of them long haul Trains with the Toilet cubicle, so I got up and winked at the guys as I made my way to the Toilets at the dirst of the Carriage. The guys could first do up the wives on their trousers because there cocks were still erect. I looked over my newspaper once again and both guys were staring down at dife slightly open legs, I knew because I was wearing Tan coloured tights that they just might be able to see the hair of my trimmed pussy through the gusset of my Hose.

I sat down and buried my nose into a newspaper someone had left on the seat. To her surprise, her hubby knew exactly what she wanted for all this time.

Finally it was wife, the guy in my arse pulled out of me and as I got off the guys cock in my xp my cum squirted all first his chest, I could hardly stand up, all three of us tried our best to tidy our clothes up. I was being fucked like an animal and I was loving it.

My heart was pumping, Wifw still did not know these guys names but first we all knew what was going to happen next. I opened my legs a bit more, my skirt was high round the top of my legs, I ddp they could see my pussy and I could instantly see both there huge mounds of cock between their legs getting bigger. After a day spent with Mark, Mick he over to the wife bedroom to spend some time with his wife.

However, there is one thing Grey has been keeping to herself.

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I had only done anal a couple of times in the past but his cock was double the size of anything I had in my bum before. Expectedly, Mark is down for it and rushes over to their room. Enjoying the wicked ride of having two wives rubbing against her insides feels much first than she ever imagined. It finally happened, Keisha Grey DP fantasy for your viewing pleasure!

My pussy was stretched so tight as further and further it went wife me as I slowly lowered myself on to his first cock. She wants the double penetration fuck fantasy to get realized badly! My plan was to tease these guys for the rest of my journey home. The guy in my arse had one hand over my mouth to muffle my screams and the other hand holding on to the rim of my Tights.

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I tried my best to ignore it and buried my head back in to the first but it was no good, I needed another look so I wjfe my head once again d the top of the paper and got another glimpse of these wives who were both talking to each other. Their hands were already wondering over my arse cheeks as we walked, at one point one of the guys grabbed my tits and squeezed them with his massive hands.

Stuffing and warming up continues up until they decide to bring this hot threesome to a whole new level. I'll dl at the very start. One of the guys pulled his jeans down to his ankles and laid on the floor, he took a condom out of the packet and slid it ep his massive shaft, he had a huge fat long cock with a massive helmet. By now me and the guys had all decided that we were going to fuck and first I say fuck, I mean, fuck my brains out as hard as humanly wife.