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It must be connected to a personal Facebook logjn. Tap Send. Connecting your Facebook and Meetup s is not the same as simply displaying a link to your Facebook profile on your Meetup profile.

From the screen, select Forgot your password? You will receive an confirming the request with instructions to reset your password. How do I connect my Facebook ? the orgaizer network and see if there is a real life Meetup happening around you. Connecting your Meetup to your Facebook : - Lets you log into Meetup through Facebook - Www.meetup.cim it easy to share events - Allows you to see activity of your Facebook friends on Meetup lkgin Allows us to notify your friends when you a new Login group or RSVP to an upcoming event.

login address and password. Click Save. Want to learn more in person. It's currently only possible to connect your Facebook and Meetup on Desktop Web. We won't post to Facebook unless you ask us to do so, and you can disconnect from Facebook any time like.

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You can change this setting from the Desktop website. Tap on the pencil icon. Please include a link to your Facebook profile.

We want Meetup to speak your To create a Meetup password Desktop and mobile web Navigate to the password reset. Your password reset was sent from info meetup. You can create a Login password if you can't access your Facebook, Google, or Apple. By default, your interests are displayed on your Meetup profile and on your individual Meetup group profiles.

Tap on your current name to edit. Click Submit and you will receive an with instructions login create a Meetup password. Resetting a password When you request a new logi, you should receive an confirming the request within five to ten minutes of the request. Please follow the instructions the.

You can't link a Meetup to a Facebook group or. Click Submit. Note: You can only connect a personal Facebook to Meetup. To learn more about changing login language of your mobile device, visit Apple support Google support. Submit. You can add this address to your address book or contacts list and try requesting a new password again.

Why was my disabled? Enter the address you use for Facebook, Google, or Apple.

Meetup might block an for these reasons: Your was inactive for more than 6 months and the login associated with your is longer active. You sent messages that were logiin by too many members or by our spam filters.

If you find any s from Meetup loign your spam folder, mark them as safe. Note: If you change the language login your from desktop or mobile, it will not change the settings on your Meetup app. Select Settings from the drop-down menu. create a Meetup password Desktop and mobile web instructions Navigate to the password reset. Enter the address you use for your Meetup. I login receive a password reset When logjn request a new password, you should receive an confirming the request within five to ten minutes of the request.

Sometimes s from Meetup get caught in spam or junk folders. Facebook loign Meetup s are automatically connected when you register for Meetup or log in through Facebook. To change your name on desktop: Click on your profile icon. When you connect your Facebookyou will be sharing your activity with your Facebook friends. Click edit login to your current name. If you use, make sure you check the social tab in your inbox.

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If you receive an error message while trying to link your s, please by clicking 'Still need help? Your Meetup has one default name for all groups you're a member of. Tap Edit profile. There be people who have done this before, ready to help and you can be part something special. Enter the address you use for Facebook, Google, or Apple. You can in using the Facebook, Google, or Apple buttons on the.

Login reset your login From theselect Forgot password?

preferred name. If your device is set to a language that is not currently supported by Meetup, English will be as your language. We will send a verification to your new address confirming the request.

But changing the language from that view, without logging in, will not update your settings.